An adventure to Stockbridge..

I recently invested in a new phone (a Google Pixel, incase anyone is wondering) and its camera is insanely good! I thought i’d put it to good use and photograph something other than products to share with you..


Earlier today I took a walk down to Stockbridge to top-up one of my incredible stockists there - An Independent Zebra (check them out here: and snapped a few photos along the way.


Circus Lane must be the most photographed street in Edinburgh, but who can blame it.. Look how adorable it is!


All photos taken on my Google Pixel 2 and edited with Adobe Lightroom.

2018 in review

As the year draws to an end, I thought I’d take a look back at what i’ve been up to the past 12 months..

01 JAN.jpg

JANUARY. I started the year with a re-organisation of my studio, including getting new shelves for my stock & supplies. I also went to my first ever trade show - Top Drawer at London’s Olympia. This was a flying visit (literally), as we flew down to London and back in a day!

FEBRUARY. It snowed for a week straight, which meant having a few days off work. I’d never seen Edinburgh in the snow before, and it is as beautiful as ever. I also launched a range of Edinburgh greetings cards and took some fun photos of them for the launch.

03 MARCH.jpg

MARCH. I took some time off work in March to visit my brother in London and my friend in Brighton for a couple of days. I enjoyed March Meet the Marker and took lots of behind the scenes shots for instagram, such as this one of my studio (its never usually this tidy!)

04 APRIL.jpg

APRIL. I had family come to visit for a few days in April - we went on a sightseeing day trip to St Andrews, stopping at a few places in Fife along the way. I read my first book of the year (finally having some time to read!) and ate some really tasty food!

05 MAY.jpg

MAY. My birthday month and maybe my favourite one to look back on. I took a week off this month (there’s a bit of a pattern here..) to celebrate and roadtripped down to Norfolk with the boyf. It may have taken about 10 hours to get there (traffic), but we had the best time! I got to show him Wells-Next-The-Sea, which is my ultimate happy place. It was a pretty special trip!

06 JUNE.jpg

JUNE. Ah, sunshine at last! I launched a range of 55+ greetings cards this month and felt pretty pleased about it as I’d been working on them for a few months. I also visited home for a couple of days and got to see my favourite fluffy boy for cuddles!

07 JULY.jpg

JULY. Look at all the blue skies!! July was a super hot month, which meant one I struggled with a bit as I don’t really like / do well in the heat (I moved to Scotland for a reason..). However, I did try to embrace it my attempting to do my accounts outside in the park and sight-see a bit on my lunch breaks.

08 AUG.jpg

AUGUST. I left my wonderful job at Curiouser and Curiouser in August for an exciting opportunity at my other job (UoE Visitor Centre). I also had my dad & brother come to visit and we took a lovely walk to Dean Village via the Water of Leith.

09 SEPT.jpg

SEPTEMBER. More photos of my fluffy boy Clovi when I went home to visit family with the boyf. We also played mini golf and I got in a bit of a mood as I was loosing, badly. My illustrations started to be sold at the UoE gift shop in the form of postcards!

OCTOBER. I launched my 2019 calendar!! My favourite product of the year and another one that was fun to photograph. After doing a live drawing event for Edinburgh University, I was inspired to doodle on the A-board at work.

11 NOV.jpg

NOVEMBER. In short, there was a lot of Christmas prep this month. I took part in my largest Christmas Market yet (even roped in my mum to help) and launched a few new festive products to my shop.

12 DEC.jpg

DECEMBER. Feelin’ festive! I took part in the Summerhall Christmas Market (one I’ve been wanting to do for years) and was blown away at the success of it (thank-you all so much). I cooked Christmas Dinner for the first time ever and tidied the flat from top to bottom before taking lots of cute photos of our decorations.

Bring on 2019..

Let's start a blog..

Every now and then throughout 2018 I kept having ideas of starting a blog.

I don’t really know why. I’m not that good at writing and haven’t worked out if I even enjoy it. But maybe its worth listening to those thoughts and giving it a try.. it *could* be fun after all.

So, what will I write about? Honestly, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. It will definitely have a focus on illustration, maybe some behind the scenes that I wouldn’t usually share on my other social media. A lot of what I do is centred around Edinburgh - particularly the architecture and beauty of the city - which will also feature on the blog. I’m an advocate for supporting small creative businesses and a bit of a stationery addict too, so expect to see posts about my favourite indie shops, stationery items and lets be honest, probably lots of photos of pretty notebooks & pens.

An example of stationery posts to come..

An example of stationery posts to come..

I guess we should start with a bit of an introduction to myself (a less formal one to my website ‘about’ page at least).

My name is Victoria and I’m 24 years old. I am the creative human behind Victoria Rose Ball, my small illustration business. VRB began during my time at university (Edinburgh College of Art, BA(Hons) Illustration) when I would develop my coursework into things I could sell. Fast forward a few years and its really started to grow, with every year being far more successful than the last. My business is my baby and it’s something I am extremely proud of.

Alongside VRB, I also work 4/5 days a week at the University of Edinburgh as part of their Communications & Marketing team. I have the best bunch of colleagues and genuinely look forward to going to work every day. 

Edinburgh Old Town from Princes Street

Edinburgh Old Town from Princes Street

Edinburgh skyline from Arthurs' Seat

Edinburgh skyline from Arthurs' Seat

I grew up in a village in South Leicestershire and never dreamed of moving away from home (at least not anywhere 300+ miles away!) However in 2013 when I came to visit Edinburgh for the first time, I remember stepping out onto Princes Street from the station looking up to the Old Town and thinking “this is home now”. I moved here a few months later to start at Edinburgh College of Art and haven’t looked back since. Edinburgh is the most amazing place to live and that feeling of excitement & love for the city is something I try to recreate within my own illustrations.

I feel like i’ve blabbed on a bit too much now, so I’m ending this post with some dumb photos of myself for you to have a laugh at..

Victoria x